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27 February 2010 @ 11:01 pm
Ever been keeping track of so many discussions in so many journals that you started to lose track? Would you rather have debates with people you know and can identify, rather than anonymous people from where you might not see them coming?

Look no further than sim_debates! It's our goal to allow members to keep all their discussions about the game and the at-large community in one place, where they know who they're talking to and where those people come from and are in life.

Here, you can suggest any little Sims-related issue you'd like to hear opinions on, and your debate is started. Any member is welcome to post a Sims-related issue — posting their own opinion on the topic is optional. All other members are then allowed to comment with their own views. Hopefully, this will help us all to better understand views, and to come to agreements more civilly.

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines of the community before posting or debating!

Entry is here! This was fun, although I cheated a little. Eh.

Entry is here! This is the girl who lives in the house above. ♥
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29 December 2009 @ 04:00 pm

Hey guys,
I've been meaning to do this makeover since I joined weheartsims but kept forgetting to put her in my game. . .

The sim is by iliketoplaygod and the sims lips are pretty much perfect. I wonder how they're shaped like that. lol

Click for short spammmmmage!
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29 December 2009 @ 08:58 am
Oh my god I am putting something up for download other than sims! Shocking, I know. Today, I have some freckles and some blushes to share. I also have eyes, but that will be up tomorrow.

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29 December 2009 @ 08:56 am
As promised, I've got some eyes for you today!

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25 December 2009 @ 04:27 pm


PG 13

merry christmas from me to you,
now zzz time then simsimsim.
14 December 2009 @ 09:35 am
Here we are with the monthly community update post. This will be a somewhat regular thing, not necessarily monthly on the dot, but monthly none the less. To let you, the community, know what's happening.

Here we go;

New Members:
☆ Don't forget to familiarize yourselves with the rules, there aren't many, but it's a good idea to know what's what and what is and isn't allowed here at We Heart Sims.

Current Challenges:
A Room With A View {#001} - Our decorating challenge, download the little house or build it yourself and decorate to your hearts content, in whatever style you like. We want to see the diversity of our members here! We have an entry! goldfished posted Dollies, Coffins and Quilts. It is quite awesome, go and have a look! And just to note, there have been a few downloads of the lot, so more entries are to be expected? Hope so! Don't forget, there is no deadline ;]
A Makeover Challenge {#001} - Our makeover a sim challenge. Download the provided sim and go nuts changing their looks, while of course following the minor rules. Here we have a few more entries, which are quite nice, by; smustleparty; Men, Women & Children, pixiealchemist; Right here!, & the_hex; A Room & A Makeover. Great job guys!
Again, if the downloads speak clearly, there should be more entries coming?
An FYI: The current sim apparently comes complete with the browcombed_puregreen file of death! So please, please use the Clean Installer to add this sim to your game in order to keep it out of your downloads folders. It really is in your (and your games) best interest!
☆ The next installments of 'A Room With A View' & 'A Makeover' Challenges should be going up shortly. If there are any requests and/or suggestions as to what type of sim (genetically/genderly speaking), please feel free to post them here to this entry.

Posting Notes:
☆ Legacy posts; We're actually getting some activity in this area, a great thing to see really. Keep it up people, we love to have the activity going on ;]
☆ Other posts; General game questions, we've started getting them, and what a great thing to see! Just a "Does this happen in your game?" type things are quite nice to see popping up, it's such a good way to get the interaction flowing. More of this would be awesome! Whether it's like that, or even tech/game help questions, please to do post 'em, someone will more than likely try to help and/or contribute.
☆ Advertising; Remember to let the mods know beforehand, and to keep the format good and informative. We have a great example of this right here; simsinthecity posted a great community for you all to go and check out: simswritersclub. Kudos to you my dear for such a great example of an advert post!

The Community & You:
Tags; This post is where you all can and should make your tag requests. Is there some specific tag you're after and feel is needed? Let us know! More than likely your suggestion will be added, unless of course it's silly and unnecessary. This includes user tags, feel you post often enough to need your own tag? Ask here for it to be created.
Affiliates; And here of course is where you can request to be an affiliate with We Heart Sims. Sims 2 or 3, communities or sims journals - downloads, creations and the like. Or even outside forums and websites. As long as they're sims related we are a go!
Community Podium; A free for all post of your suggestions, concerns and of course questions about the community. This would be the place to suggest contests and/or challenges you would like to see, or start even. The place to ask any questions about how things are done here, and make any suggestions towards new things you want to see or even rule changes/additions. No concern is a small one and everyone has a voice to be heard, YOU are what make the community and of course without YOU there wouldn't be one!

In Closing:
☆ Pimpage; Pimp this sucker! We want members, your friends and fellow simmers, we want them all! Let's work together and get this place hopping eh? Bring on the fun folks!
☆ There may be an opening soon-ish for more mods, depending on what people want and want to do around here. How can YOU help us grow? How can YOU add to the community? Resume collection is open! Haha, no really, if you're interested and feel you can provide the time and content, please feel free to send a note or post here with your ideas and possible contributions.

Until next time; Keep on keeping on!
05 December 2009 @ 09:16 pm
Have you been wanting to post a Sims story or legacy, but were afraid to because you thought you might get secretted, ranted or flat-out snarked? Would you like to improve your writing skills but you don't know where to turn for thoughtful and considerate advice?

Look no further than simswritersclub! It's our goal there to give constructive criticism, rather than the hurtful feedback many new posters receive in other communities.

Any member is welcome to post a Sims-related piece with which they would like help improving. All other members are then allowed to comment with critiques. Hopefully, this will help us all to become better writers!

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines of the community before posting or critiquing! We are also seeking moderators for the community, if anyone is interested.
05 December 2009 @ 06:01 pm

Formerly of the Founder Challenge over at legacy_writers. Here is the current generations and chapters all at once for your reading pleasures. We're half way to ten folks!

Go on over and see where it all began and where they are at now: The Slartibartfast Legacy.